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Old Woman Fights Off Intruder, Then Feeds Him

An 87-year-old Maine woman defends herself and offers food to the hungry intruder during terrifying home invasion.
An 87-year-old woman fearlessly defended herself against a hungry intruder, and then offered him food in an unexpected act of compassion. Credit: Michael / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

An 87-year-old woman from Maine, USA, courageously defended herself against a teenage assailant who broke into her home. Despite the frightening situation, Marjorie Perkins managed to fend off the intruder and, surprisingly, showed kindness by offering him food when he mentioned he was extremely hungry.

The incident occurred at 2 a.m. (local time) on July 26 when Marjorie woke up to find a young man standing beside her bed. He had already removed his shirt and pants and threatened her with a knife, saying he intended to harm her.

In response to the imminent danger, Marjorie decided to take action and defend herself. Instead of succumbing to fear, she bravely chose to fight back, asserting, ““I thought to myself, if’s he’s going to cut, then I’m going to kick.”

Surprising turn of events

In her Brunswick home, Marjorie quickly put on her shoes and bravely fought back against the intruder. As the two struggled, she used a chair to create some distance between them, trying to protect herself.

During the altercation, the intruder managed to strike her on the cheek and forehead, causing her pain and distress. However, he soon changed his approach and made his way towards the kitchen.

In a surprising turn of events, the intruder shared that he was feeling incredibly hungry. Despite the frightening situation and the harm he had caused, Marjorie’s compassionate nature led her to consider his plea for food.

How the old woman ensured her safety

After the frightening encounter, Marjorie responded to the intruder’s plea for food by offering him a box of peanut butter and honey crackers, two protein drinks, and two tangerines. While he consumed the food, Marjorie acted swiftly to ensure her safety and that of her home.

Using her rotary phone, she dialed 911 and spoke with a dispatcher, providing critical information about the intruder’s actions.

Meanwhile, the hungry intruder gathered his pants and eventually decided to leave. In his haste, he left behind a knife, shirt, shoes, and a water bottle containing alcohol, which served as important evidence for the authorities’ investigation.

Action by the authorities

Expressing her concerns about the current state of affairs, Marjorie stated, “I think our law has just folded up.” She observed that people seem to have lost their fear of consequences, leading them to act without restraint and as they please.

In response to the incident, the police swiftly took action. A news release reported that the teenager responsible for the break-in was promptly located and charged with multiple offenses, including burglary, criminal threatening, assault, and underage consumption of alcohol.

Due to his age, authorities decided not to disclose his identity. It was revealed that the young intruder was residing just a few blocks away from Marjorie’s home.

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