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American Tourist Fights Off a ‘Frisky’ Kangaroo in Hilarious Video

kangaroo fight
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An American tourist who had to fight off a “frisky” kangaroo while on holiday in Australia has become an internet sensation.

In a TikTok posted by on June 11, a man was seen shielding a woman away from a small kangaroo trailing behind her at an enclosure in Perth, Western Australia. It’s garnered some 17.5 million views as of June 14.

My dad was just trying to make sure that kangaroo stopped getting frisky with that lady #kangaroo #dad #father #thatsmydad #fight #roo #wallabee #Australia #WesternAustralia #perth #aussie #aussiethings

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“My dad was just trying to make sure that kangaroo stopped getting frisky with that lady,” wrote in the video. In the video, the kangaroo was shown standing up and flailing its arms toward the man. The man then held the animal back with one hand.

The man was later shown lightly kicking the kangaroo away as it continued chasing him and another man, who looked to be much younger. At the end of the video, one staff member at the enclosure was shown sternly telling the kangaroo off.

Users on TikTok were thoroughly entertained by the video, with several users saying that the kangaroo was taunting the man.

One user wrote: “It’s like the kangaroo just wanted to have a bar fight because the dude was messing with his lady.”

“That kangaroo turns its head looked at the kid when he walked up like you wanna piece of me too,” another user wrote, referring to the young man in the video.

One user even had a piece of advice for the man who fought the kangaroo, writing that he should never hold the arms of the animal, as it “gives them the confidence to kick” back, which could have hurt him.

Tips to avoid kangaroo fights when in Australia

While a fatal kangaroo attack took place near Perth last September, it was the first in Australia since 1936. Death by kangaroo is extremely rare.

Both male and female kangaroos are large, powerful, wild animals that are capable of inflicting injury on people and they need to be treated with an appropriate level of respect and caution.

The Queensland government has provided the following safety tips for reducing interactions with kangaroos:

Never provide food or water

Providing food or water causes the animals to become dependent on humans and increase the chances of aggressive behaviour. Exposing them to an artificial diet may also cause health problems and create unnatural concentrations of animals. Making sure kangaroos find their own natural sources of food is important for your safety, the safety of other residents and visitors in the community and the health and welfare of the kangaroos.

Keep your distance

If you enter an area where kangaroos or wallabies live, give them as much space as possible. If you see one, stay away from it and watch how it behaves. If it moves toward you, or shows signs of being aggressive, move away (even if it is only looking for food or human contact, a kangaroo or wallaby may still become aggressive). Don’t act aggressively towards the kangaroo or wallaby, as this will simply reinforce the idea that you are a threat.

Manage your personal safety and avoid risks

Don’t shoo the roo. Avoid approaching them or encouraging them to move off using gestures or objects. This may frighten them and make them feel the need to defend themselves.

Don’t go near kangaroos engaged in courtship or mating behaviour for example, males sniffing, touching or moving round with females.

Don’t go near male kangaroos that are sparring, fighting or showing off their size and strength to each other.

Don’t go near a kangaroo that is growling or clucking.

Don’t move between a female and her joey. Females will protect young at foot and may become aggressive if they feel the presence of a person is a threat to their young.

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