Greek News Crime Arrest Warrant Issued for Polish Captain who Rammed Greek Minesweeper

Arrest Warrant Issued for Polish Captain who Rammed Greek Minesweeper

The Greek Navy’s minesweeper “Kallisto” as it is towed out of the port of Piraeus. Credit: AMNA

The public prosecutor in the city of Piraeus has now called for the arrest of the captain of the container ship “Maersk Launceston” on charges that he caused a maritime accident through negligence and violated the international rules on avoiding collisions at sea.
While exiting the port of Piraeus early on Tuesday morning, the Liberian-flagged Maersk Launceston somehow rammed into the stern of the Greek Navy’s minesweeper “Callisto,” shearing off a large part of the stern of the ship and injuring two crew members.
It was noted at the time that the Kallisto is constructed of fiberglass, which reduces its magnetic profile, unlike more traditional steel-hulled naval ships. This material, however, makes vessels less able to withstand being struck by another vessel.
The Polish captain has been detained by the port authorities of Keratsini since the accident and will appear before the prosecutor next Tuesday, November 3. The Maersk Launceston has been banned from sailing again until repairs on the vessel are completed.

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