Australia Greeks in Sydney Celebrate 50th Anniversary of St. Nectarios Church

Greeks in Sydney Celebrate 50th Anniversary of St. Nectarios Church

Saint Nectarios Church in Burwood, Sydney. Credit: Saint Nectarios Burwood-Sydney Australia/ Facebook

Saint Nectarios Church, a center of the Greek diaspora who live in the area, has been serving the Orthodox community of Burwood, Sydney since its opened its doors to the faithful in 1970.

After its purchase on September 6, 1970, Saint Nectarios was formally handed over to the Greek Orthodox parish and community by its previous owners, the Methodist Church.

During the beautiful ceremony, the new church’s former pastor handed the keys to the church to Saint Nectarios’ first parish priest, Archimandrite Father Ezekiel Petritsis.

In a beautiful gesture, the parishioners of Saint Nektarios presented the Methodist pastor with a gold bible stand, bearing the inscription:

To our brothers of The Methodist Church
From whom we acquired our church of St. Nektarios
With love and esteem in Christ our saviour.
6 September 1970
The Greek Orthodox Parish and Community of Burwood
St. Nektarios”

The gesture signaled the great friendship and very special bond between the two faith communities.

The formal handing over of the church on September 6, 1970. Credit: Saint Nectarios Burwood-Sydney Australia/ Facebook

Since its foundation, Saint Nectarios has been a place of gathering, spirituality, and community for Greek Orthodox residents of Sydney’s Burwood.

Honoring the church’s 50th anniversary, Archbishop Makarios of Australia presided over the liturgy on Sunday morning. He emphasized that Saint Nectarios’ 50th anniversary was not just a celebration for its parishioners, but also for the entire Greek Orthodox community in Australia.



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