Life entertainment Greek MasterChef Winner Shares Prize Money with Runner-Up

Greek MasterChef Winner Shares Prize Money with Runner-Up

Good pals: Stavris Georgiou (left) and winner Stavros Varthalitis

In an unexpected turn of events, the winner of the Greek version of the reality show MasterChef announced on Thursday that he is giving half of the winning prize to the runner-up in the competition.
Stavros Varthalitis won the popular TV show on Wednesday evening as hundreds of thousands of Greeks were glued on their TV sets to see him battle with his competitor — and friend — Stavris Georgiou.
Varthalitis won the hotly-contested competition free and clear, but the next day he announced that he would share the 50,000-euro prize with Georgiou.
“The prize money will be split 50-50,” he said speaking to interviewers from Star TV. “When I promise something, I keep my word,” he added, referring to a private deal the two competitors made during the show.
“Now that our real life begins, I don’t want to lose him. I want to maintain this healthy relationship that we had in the game as I hope we can cooperate as chefs in the near future,” Varthalitis added.