Greek News Archaeology Greece To Prohibit Tall Buildings Blocking View Of Acropolis

Greece To Prohibit Tall Buildings Blocking View Of Acropolis

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

A government decree is expected to prohibit the construction of buildings over five stories tall in the area surrounding Athens’ world-renowned Acropolis.

In a bid to prevent any future buildings from blocking the public’s views of the Acropolis, the new rules will prohibit either residential or commercial buildings, particularly hotels, from blocking the sight of the hill overlooking the city.

In its Tuesday ruling, Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS) approved a maximum height of 21 meters (68.89 feet), or just below five stories, for all buildings built near the Acropolis.

Additionally, the Archaeological Council has issued an order for the demolition of the top two floors of a 10-story luxury hotel managed by the Coco-Mat mattress company, noting that the height of the building was blocking the public’s view of the Acropolis and its monuments.

Commenting on the demolition order today, Athens mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said “It was a very brave decision. The Acropolis is our heart and our soul, an essential part of our cultural heritage. It’s very important that everyone can enjoy it,” as reported in The National Herald.

Additionally, Greece’s highest court, the Council of State, revoked construction permits for an even taller hotel, which had earlier been approved at a site near the Acropolis.

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