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Young Greeks Worldwide Celebrate Independence Day Online

By Ada Leivada
We are living in unprecedented times. Our working, social and family lives have all changed dramatically in the past few days and weeks. So many things have been suspended, from family gatherings to major worldwide events.
While schools, teachers and students everywhere struggle to switch from a traditional face-to-face setting to online overnight, Greek LOL, the online Greek language teaching service, proves Greeks’ willingness to take it to the next level by hosting online events from every corner of the world.
Greek Lessons Online is an online school with more than 800 students who live over the globe. Instructors from Greek LOL run several online group events every year and conduct hundreds of online classes every week.
And of course, due to the closed schools all across Greece and in the countries of the diaspora, all the normal student events, including the Greek national anniversary, will not be taking place this year.
But you can bet the folks from Greek LOL have something very special in store to celebrate Greek Independence Day on March 25.
More than 80 Greek schoolchildren from all over the world will celebrate Independence Day from their own homes and commemorate their ancestors who fought for Greece’s freedom back in 1821.
Celebrating our freedom this year, in the era of the Coronavirus, seems somehow more relevant than ever. Watch below as these proud young Greek children spread the spirit of Hellenism all across the world!

Please also check out Greek LOL’s YouTube channel, where you can enjoy this and many more Greek-themed events. There is no better time in which to take part, to learn more about our language and culture and connect with other Greek language learners all across the globe from the safety of your own home.

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