Greece Fresh Accusations Emerge Against Ex-Minister Papangelopoulos in Novartis Case

Fresh Accusations Emerge Against Ex-Minister Papangelopoulos in Novartis Case

Greece’s Ex-Deputy Justice Minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos. File photo

Greece’s former corruption prosecutor Eleni Raikou accused former deputy Justice Minister Dimitris Papangelopoulos on Monday of intervening in her work while she was a prosecutor.
Back in 2017, Raikou was the first-ever official to accuse Papangelopoulos of trying to interfere in the judicial procedures of a series of cases, including the so-called ”Novartis scandal.”
Raikou resigned her post in the same year as a protest against Papangelopoulos’ actions.
On Monday, Raikou testified before the prosecutors who are currently handling the Novartis case in Athens.
According to Greek media reports, the former senior prosecutor presented evidence that Papangelopoulos not only interfered with her work but also demanded that specific individuals be prosecuted, even if the prosecutor believed that there were no legal grounds for a case.
Greece’s ruling New Democracy Party has already announced that the Greek Parliament will soon initiate a special Parliamentary Committee for the preliminary examination of the accusations against Papangelopoulos.
Apart from Raikou, Ioannis Aggelis, the Attorney General of the Areopagus, Greece’s Supreme Court, has already accused Papangelopoulos of attempting to manipulate the judiciary in order to implicate his political opponents in regard to the scandal involving the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

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