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Plagues Follow Bad Leadership in Ancient Greek Tales

The tales of ancient Greece remind the public that leaders must be able to plan for the future based on past events. Examples are evidenced through leaders' performance in the great plagues. By Joel Christensen In the fifth century BC, the...

UK PM Boris Johnson Survives Vote of No Confidence

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will remain in his position after members of his Conservative Party held a vote of no confidence on Monday evening. Johnson was immersed in scandal after it became known that raucous parties were being held...

Boris Johnson ‘No-Confidence’ Vote: What Happens Next

It’s on. After weeks of speculation during the “partygate” scandal, the required number of Conservative MPs have called for a “no-confidence” vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership. By Christopher Kirkland The vote has been triggered after 54 (or possibly more) MPs submitted...

Colombia: Leftist Gustavo Petro Wins First Round in Presidential Election

Gustavo Petro, a former mayor of the capital city, Bogotá, as well as an ex-militant, topped the poll in the first round of the Colombian presidential elections, taking around 40 percent of the vote on Sunday. However, while Petro secured...

Andrew Cuomo Charged in Sexual Misconduct Case

Former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo was charged on Thursday for sexual misconduct. The criminal complaint says that Cuomo groped one of his aides inside the Executive Mansion "for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires." The...

Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell Dies of Covid-19

Colin Powell, the first black person to serve as US Secretary of State, died of complications of Covid-19 on Monday. A four-star general, he helped shape foreign relations in several Republican administrations. His family posted a message on Facebook on...

Social Media Poses Risk to Humanity, Scientists Warn

Some biologists and ecologists think social media poses a risk to humanity-- to the extent that we need to act before further damage is done.

New Police Brutality Incident Reported in Greece

Another incident of police brutality became recently known in Greece, this time in the city of Larissa.

Is Biden About to Recognize the Armenian Genocide?

Senator Bob Menendez asked the Biden Administration to officially recognize the genocide against the Armenian people.

British Pupils Play Games Based on Ancient Greece to Understand Politics

Games and workshops based on Ancient Greece and its political figures were recently created by group of academics from the University of Exeter in England.