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Prominent Greek Politician Dora Bakoyannis Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Greek politician Dora Bakoyannis revealed on Monday that she has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells, but she declares that she intends to keep on working. Bakoyannis, the first female Minister of Foreign Affairs...

Is There a Neo-Nazi Comeback in Greece?

The events that marked Greece in the last few days raise the question whether neo-Nazis are making a comeback in the country

Pavlos Bakoyannis: The Greek Politician Assassinated by November 17 Terrorists

It was September 26, 1989 when former publisher and New Democracy MP Pavlos Bakoyannis was assassinated by three members of the November 17 terrorist group outside his office in downtown Athens. It was a dastardly crime which shook Greece's political world...

Greek Minister Apologizes for Auschwitz Remark

A newly appointed Greek minister apologized to the Jewish community for a remark he made in 2009 about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Thanos Plevris, a lawyer, who became Minister for Health after Tuesday's cabinet reshuffle said on Wednesday that the...

Greek Left Votes Down Bill to Remove Diaspora’s Voting Restrictions

Greek leftist parties voted against an amendment that would have removed all restrictions for the Diaspora to vote in national elections.

Medical Marijuana Approved for Production and Sale in Greece

The Greek Parliament voted in favor of a bill to legalise the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana in Greece on Friday. 

Karamanlis: The Leader Who Dominated Post-World War II Greece

Karamanlis, who passed away on April 23, 1998 at the age of 91, was the man chosen to pull Greece out of 7 years of a dictatorship in 1974.

Greek Woman Abused by Former Ambassador of Venezuela Speaks Out

A Greek woman, former employee of the Embassy of Venezuela in Greece, spoke about the sexual abuse she suffered.

Greek Government Spokesman Resigns

Government spokesman and Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister Christos Tarantilis resigned his post on Sunday in a letter to Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Government, Opposition Clash over Bill to Curb Demonstrations in Greece

As the vote for the bill to regulate demonstrations is about to go up for a vote in the Greek Parliament Thursday, there continue to be fierce reactions from the opposition, unions and other sectors of society. Greece's public sector employees...