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Why September is the Very Best Month to Visit Mykonos

A Very Different Side of Greece’s “Party Island”
When we think of Mykonos, many people automatically envision an island swarming with  people, with non-stop, round-the-clock partying and no place or time to rest. For better or worse, Mykonos has pretty much become symbolic with the word “party.”
We think of a frenzied island, with hordes of beautiful people — and those who want to be among the beautiful people — amounting to so many visitors that just walking through the lovely alleyways of Mykonos Town at times becomes impossible.
The thing is, these preconceptions actually reflect a great deal of truth, since Mykonos is well known for its its popularity among tourists, its glitzy beaches, and its never-ending parties.
Everything we just described does indeed take place during the high tourist season, which begins in early June and continues until late August. These are the times during which the peak summer crowds indeed do take over this spectacularly beautiful island.
However, the main tourist season on Mykonos, or any other Greek island, only really lasts from late May to mid-October at the most. It is definitely worth experiencing the island during autumn, and particularly in September, right after the hectic summer period comes to an end.
Glorious September Weather
If you were worried about how the weather would be in Mykonos in September, we are here to tell you that there is no reason to be. We can state unequivocally that swimsuit season very much remains a thing on Mykonos during the first month of autumn.
Mykonos temperatures in September typically range from 20 degrees (68 degrees Fahrenheit) to 28 (82 F), while the sea reaches its ideal temperature of approximately 25 degrees (77 degrees F), which create simply sublime conditions for taking a dip in the relaxing waters of the Aegean.
Another bonus given to us by this lovely island is that rain during this month is highly unlikely; as such, the overall weather conditions make the idea of visiting Mykonos in autumn even more appealing.
Get Ready for Some Bonuses
Visiting such a glamorous island when the peak summer season is over offers a great range of advantages.
You can enjoy best-quality services when it comes to accommodations then, and you will find some great offers and even some real deals, if you search long enough. You will also enjoy fine dining at more reasonable prices, which will not leave you strapped for cash.
Another reason why you should visit Mykonos during the month of September is the opportunity to shop high-end products, whether they be jewelry, accessories, clothes, or other fashion items, at surprisingly affordable prices. There are even some great deals and discounts, since all the boutiques are preparing to clear their merchandise at the end of the season.
And yes, the shops on Mykonos do stay open until late at night. What a life, right?

The Festive Atmosphere of Summer Lingers
Just in case you have not yet been convinced to spend your vacation on Mykonos during the month of September, let us try to describe the atmosphere that you will miss if you don’t experience this stellar destination during the autumn.
The parties are actually still not over, and the bars and restaurants still serve tasty cocktails and dishes; so in these ways, the island has not transitioned from summer to autumn.
The beach parties at the famous beaches called “Paradise” and “Super Paradise” still go on, and what makes them even more enjoyable is the fact that they won’t be as ridiculously crowded as they are during the summer season.
These parties start around 4-5 PM, which will allow you plenty of time to enjoy what the island’s beaches have to offer, with the option of leaving before the serious action begins.
The overall atmosphere of the island provides the ultimate luxury vacationing experience that you may ever get to have in your life.
Additionally, another great aspect of autumn on Mykonos is that you will be able to enjoy your privacy and personal space even on the beach, which is simply not possible on the island at the height of the summer season.
If you decide to visit Mykonos during the autumn you will get the chance to truly explore its Cycladic beauty in peace, without being annoyed by excesses, whether that be of temperatures — or of people.
What more can any traveler ask for, than to enjoy a beautiful and enchanting Greek island at one’s own terms, and at one’s own pace?

You will see that the madding crowds have left, the waters are still warm and the hotel rates have descended back into the realm of reality. Mykonos is a stunningly lovely island by anyone’s measure, and it has so much more to offer than its party life.
It is actually one of the most traditional-looking islands in Greece, with mazes of tiny, narrow alleys to explore and the dazzling white-and-blue architecture which is so quintessentially Greek.
Be smart about your holidays, and choose Mykonos in September!

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