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Cyprus’ Authorities Save 21 Refugees Off Cape Greco

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A rescue operation took place on Monday morning to save 21 refugees on-board a small vessel, 40 nautical miles off Cape Greco, in the southeastern coast of Cyprus.

According to an announcement by the Cypriot Ministry of Defense, the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) received a distress call at 9:32 am local time (6:32 am GMT) from a commercial ship regarding a small vessel sailing south of Cape Greco, with a large number of passengers on-board.

JRCC initiated the “Nearchos” national rescue plan, sending a Police Border Marine vessel in the area. A helicopter from the Cyprus Police Aviation Unit and medical staff from the Health Ministry were also alerted.

According to the latest update from the local authorities, the rescue operation was successful and all the refugees are safe in Larnaca’s port.

With information from C.N.A.

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