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Greece's Citizen Protection Minister Indifferent to Leftist Crime

In the past few days, Athens has become a theater of violence and vandalism. The prime minister and government officials verbally “condemn” the violent incidents and call for the pertinent ministry to take action. However, the official statements condemning the repeated acts of violence and bullying carry no gravity whatsoever, simply because the pertinent ministry; that of Citizen Protection, does nothing to protect citizens when the violence is coming from the Left.
There are many violent acts that are occurring now, by groups calling themselves anarchists or leftists. On Sunday, anarchists beat up seven people in central Athens, branding them as “fascists”. Among them were three army cadets and a soldier who was on leave. In universities, leftist and anarchist groups stop lectures of professors they don’t like, beat up and bully professors and students who don’t belong to their end of the political spectrum, and vandalize schools. In Exarcheia; the daily attacks of anarchists throwing petrol bombs at police have become as common as weather reports.
On Monday, Rubicon, an anarchist group, barged into a doctor’s office in Greece’s largest public hospital, and after accusing him of taking bribes they threatened to “smash his head” if he does it again. They videotaped the whole incident and posted it on the Internet.
Rubicon’s violent acts are many and frequent. They have vandalized ministry and tax offices; smashed computers at the Siemens offices in Athens; vandalized the Bank of Greece building; attacked homes of politicians; invaded the Embassy of Spain; attacked the Turkish Airlines offices, and even stormed into the yard of the Greek parliament, trying to get in.
In the last case, House Speaker Nikos Voutsis asked for the release of those arrested for attempting to enter the parliament, and later gave the anarchists a “friendly wink”; and then interfered in police work by calling the police station and asking for the release of the anarchists that were arrested to be brought back to the parliament yard so that the entire group of them could leave together.
What the members of Rubicon are trying to do; as anarchists, is to bring back a time in history, when there were no proper law enforcement authorities, and people would take the law into their own hands. With their actions, they are trying to appeal to the average person who feels helpless due to State corruption, and against a cruel, bankrupt society. Even if only a few citizens believe that Rubicon was correct in exposing and chastising the corrupt doctor, it shows that Greeks no longer trust the institutions.
In any civilized, democratic country, the Rubicon hoodlums would be in jail by now. These self-appointed judges of Greek society, the wanna-be Robin Hoods, are simply lawbreakers. They destroy public and private property, terrorize and bully people and spread messages of hate against the middle class, the church, democracy, and pretty much anyone who is not a leftist. All that, behind a mask of leftist humanism.
Yet, Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Toskas not only whistles indifferently about the whole thing, but he seems to endorse their acts. How else can one explain his referring to the offenders as “collectivities” with which the State can sit down and “have a constructive dialogue with”. A person of authority claims he wants to sit down and debate with people who declare that they are anarchists, who hate and fight authority! It truly boggles the mind how the person responsible for the protection of Greek citizens, thinks and acts.
To add insult to injury, Defense Minister Panos Kammenos did not take a stance against the beating of the three army cadets. He only said that if they were wearing their uniforms, they wouldn’t have been targets of the attack.
As the administration boasts about good figures in the economy and the support the U.S. President promised recently, everyday life for Greeks slides into a cesspool of crime. Also, while the Hellenic Police have several great successes in fighting crime, they seem to be indifferent to criminal acts by leftist groups. As if the top of the hierarchy, the minister, wants them to tolerate those acts and silently tells them to stay away from the perpetrators.

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