Hollywood Blake Lively to Star in Nick Cassavetes' 'Bruised'

Blake Lively to Star in Nick Cassavetes’ ‘Bruised’

Nick Cassavetes‘ next feature film, an MMA drama titled “Bruised”, just picked up leading lady Blake Lively to play the role of Jackie.

The drama revolves around her character Jackie, a disgraced ex-MMA fighter who is working two jobs to provide a decent life for herself and her young son. While living this difficult life, the authorities threaten to take away her son, which leads to Jackie stepping back into the cage to take part in one last MMA fight for redemption, and for the chance to provide a better future for her boy.

The script was written by Michelle Rosenfarb, and production is set to start in September.

‘Bruised’ is going to be in talks for foreign sales at Cannes this week, before production even starts.

Cassavetes has his director’s plate full in the coming months, as he has been tapped to direct the new “Road House” and a movie titled “Kentucky Rhapsody”, in addition to the movie “Bruised”. Keep an eye out for “Bruised” to be in theaters sometime in 2018.

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