Europe Antonis Karydis: The Greek Behind the First VR Livestream Surgery

Antonis Karydis: The Greek Behind the First VR Livestream Surgery


In mid-April the world was amazed by the first live-stream surgery in a virtual reality environment and the lights shone upon the doctor who performed it.

However, the live stream wouldn’t have been achieved if the whole project hadn’t been supported technologically by Greek Antonis Karydis, who used his innovative technology “Mativision.” Mativision — Multi Angle Totally Interactive Spherical Video Technology — is technology that allows everyone to be “present” in every moment.

Two 360o cameras, one above and one next to the surgeon, transmitted a live image during the procedure on the internet, making it accessible all around the world. The viewers — trainees from the hospital as well as regular people watching at home — could view the surgery in a virtual reality environment. All they had to do, was to download a specific VR or OR application for phones or tablets and wear VR goggles like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear.

“We are the only company in the world that can execute live stream with multiple coordinated 360o cameras, that the user can choose and control. Our technology is absolutely mature and functional,” says Antonis Karydis.

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