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Stage Play Controversy Reveals a Government with Twisted Views on Terrorism

17 νοέμβρη.mediumIt could have been a play that would go unnoticed by the general public. After all the Experimental Stage of the National Theater of Greece caters mostly to avid theater lovers. Yet, the fact that “The Nash Equilibrium” is based on a book by jailed terrorist Savvas Xeros, an executioner of the November 17 group grabbed the attention of the families of victims.
The project deals with the notion of justice, a study on social justice, terrorism and taking the law into one’s hands. It also borrows heavily from “The Just,” a play written by French existentialist Albert Camus. It is indisputably a work of art.
Yet, the fact that the project is state-funded — as all National Theater productions are — touched a nerve. That of the relatives of the victims of November 17.
“Os Edo,” a group of relatives of November 17 victims, released a public statement complaining about the fact that the play is state-sponsored. Furthermore, “The Nash Equilbrium,” according to the group, tries to make Xeros look like a hero, free him from the murderer stigma and making him look more like a brave fighter for democracy and a victim of justice.
The “Os Edo” complaint was followed by another, this time from U.S. Ambassador to Greece David D. Pearce. In a tweet, the American diplomat questioned the fact that the play is sponsored by the Greek state.
The controversy created led to the management of the Experimental Stage cutting the run of the play short. Cries of censorship ensued, others started a debate on freedom of speech or freedom of expression and the arts, while many criticized the National Theater for “succumbing to U.S. intervention.” The public debate focused on many such issues leaving the most important one out: the families of the November 17 victims.
More importantly though, the controversy exposed once again a segment of Greek society that truly believes the November 17 murderers were “freedom fighters,” “political heroes” and “humanitarians”.
Indeed, SYRIZA MP Makis Balaouras stated that “human ideals were at the core of November 17 actions.” Speaking on the play controversy on Vima FM, the lawmaker blatantly defended Xeros and November 17. Not once did he refer to him as a “terrorist” or “murderer”. Apparently for Balaouras and other SYRIZA MPs, killing businessmen, newspaper publishers, rightist party MPs, innocent bystanders and foreign diplomats are “human acts”.
The controversy over the play exposed once again several SYRIZA MPs who support terrorist acts as long as they are against their political opponents.
Unfortunately, many seats of the Greek Parliament are occupied by leftist hate mongers like Balaouras; sad relics of a communist ideology that has failed all over the world. And worse, people who are thirsty for getting revenge for losing the Greek Civil War. By allowing leftist killers to arbitrarily serve justice by murdering their political opponents. People who defend and idolize murderers like Xeros with the delusion that he represents the continuation of some noble fight. When in fact they know that the “noble fight” they proclaim is simply the brutal extermination of the political opposition.

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