Greece Football Players in Greece Announce Indefinite Strike

Football Players in Greece Announce Indefinite Strike

football-cyprusThe Panhellenic Association of Paid Footballers (PSAP) announced on Monday evening that soccer players of the Greek Superleague as well as the lower leagues will be going on strike for the indefinite future beginning next week.
Their announcement notes that a few years back a fund was created to assist players whose teams are relegated from the professional to amateur leagues, due to either financial or performance reasons, making their existing contracts and thus salaries void.
The players decided to carry out the strike due to the Greek leagues’ indifference toward assisting in a fund even though two years ago they had signed a contract to provide funds to it. PSAP also notes that players had given up some of their rights to facilitate that the various leagues keep going.
“We care about the obvious. About the survival of our weak colleagues, who are losing, all of a sudden” he said.
The strike will come into effect during the Greek cup fixtures that are scheduled to be played between December 15 and December 17 and will carry over to the football league fixtures.

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