Greek News Education The 'Creativity Project': And The Prize Goes To... Naxos Students

The 'Creativity Project': And The Prize Goes To… Naxos Students

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First grade students of the all-day elementary school of Vivlos in the Greek island of Naxos starred in an inspiring short film entitled “Let’s imagine the school of our dreams,” winning the first prize during a special ceremony in Crete on Saturday, under the “1st National Creative Expression Contest In Primary Schools” for the University of Crete.
Through “experiential learning” – a fruitful teaching method that allows students to be engaged in the learning process – Vivlos’ school teacher Nikos Vintzileos urged his students to let their imagination free and express their ideas for the school of their dreams.
In its record of accomplishments, Vivlos’ primary elementary school has also been awarded one more first prize for a music video created for the 2013 European eTwinning Competition. eTwinning promotes school collaboration among European countries through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing special support, tools and services for schools.
You can watch the “Let’s imagine the school of our dreams” video below:

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