Calamos Supports Greece Greece Poll: SYRIZA Leading Over New Democracy by 8 Points

Poll: SYRIZA Leading Over New Democracy by 8 Points

Greek polling boothsA poll conducted by Palmos Analysis on behalf of showed that Greek opposition party SYRIZA is leading over the ruling New Democracy party by 8 points.
SYRIZA stands at 25.8% compared to New Democracy at 17.7%. The ultra nationalist Golden Dawn party remains third with 8.7%.
Greece’s communist party KKE is at 3.5%, followed by PASOK (3%), The River (2.3%), Independent Greeks (2.5%) and Democratic Left (DIMAR) (0.7%).
The significant drop in New Democracy’s percentage is due to the loss of its supporters. A large part of the party’s former voters now support SYRIZA (6%), Golden Dawn (5%) and Independent Greeks (2%).
According to the poll, 53% of respondents believe that Alexis Tsipras’ SYRIZA party will win the next elections, while 28% believe that New Democracy will stay in power.
In regards to the Greek economy, three out of four citizens believe that it is not improving. Approximately 53% of the respondents believe that Greece will have to sign a new memorandum, while 33% believe that it won’t be necessary.
New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras  is considered more suitable for the Prime Minister’s post than Tsipras. However Samaras has lost 8 points compared to May.

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