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Greece Bans Party Linked to Neo-Nazi Group from National Elections

The Supreme Court in Greece has prohibited a political party associated with the extremist organization Golden Dawn, which espouses neo-Nazi ideology, from participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections on May 21. The court has prohibited the far-right Hellenes party, founded...

Long-lost Shipwreck Discovered off Greece 40 Years Later

A shipwreck that sunk 40 years ago in Cape Kafireas, on the southern tip of Evia, Greece was recently uncovered by a diving enthusiast and his team. The "Golden Dawn" ferry, sank on February 23, 1983, as she was sailing...

Greece Bans Neo-Nazi Party from Running in Elections

The parliament in Greece approved an amendment late Wednesday to exclude the neo-nazi "Ellines" party from elections. The party is led by Ilias Kasidiaris, a former deputy and spokesman for the Golden Dawn party, who is currently in jail. Of the...

Greece Seeks to Ban Neo-Nazi Party from Running in Elections

The Parliament in Greece will debate an amendment to the law aimed at banning a neo-Nazi party from running in the elections expected to be held after April. Ellines, a party led by Ilias Kasidiaris, a former leader of the...

Golden Dawn Member Granted Parole After Serving Just One Year in Prison

Giorgos Patelis, a former member of the Neo-Nazi political party/criminal organization Golden Dawn, was granted parole on Monday after serving just one year of a ten-year prison sentence for being an accessory to murder. Patelis was convicted on charges of...

Is There a Neo-Nazi Comeback in Greece?

The events that marked Greece in the last few days raise the question whether neo-Nazis are making a comeback in the country

Neo-Nazi Convict Finds Refuge in Migrant’s Home

A woman who harbored neo-Nazi Golden Dawn member Christos Pappas in her home was sentenced to 30 months in jail by a Greek court on Friday.

Golden Dawn’s Christos Pappas Now in High-Security Prison

Christos Pappas, the former deputy leader of the Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, is being sent to a maximum security prison in central Greece.

Golden Dawn Fugitive Christos Pappas Arrested in Greece

Fugitive Christos Pappas, the former deputy leader of the infamous Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, has been apprehended and arrested in Athens, Greece. Golden Dawn was found to be a criminal organization and its leadership was convicted shortly after. Although...

Golden Dawn MEP Lagos Extradited to Greece

Ioannis Lagos, the European Parliament lawmaker who was convicted for his membership in the now-defunct neo-nazi Golden Dawn Party in Greece, landed in Athens on Saturday afternoon.