Greek News Environment Athens Dumps a Toxic Bomb

Athens Dumps a Toxic Bomb

LandfillMembers of the Directorate of Environment of the Regional Division of Western Attica, after an unannounced audit in the facilities of a waste management company, discovered a repugnant situation. A dangerous, toxic dump almost next to the residential zone of Aspropyrgos region in Athens, Greece.
Hundreds of piles of garbage, destroyed garbage bags full of hospital and industrial waste, rotten food, scraps and much more, all gathered in a giant foul-smelling pile, were hidden behind a high wall.
“When we got there we found the gate closed and some stray dogs wandering around. Suddenly the gate opened in order for the workers to leave and we managed to get in. The situation at the entrance was tolerable but as we proceeding we found an entire dumping facility. The atmosphere there was unbearable and the smell was ten times worse than that of a landfill,” said the Deputy Head of Western Attica Stavroula Dimou.
The waste management company that owns the facility has been licensed by the Decentralized Administration of Attica Region. According to its website, among its customers are major companies which are probably ignorant of the way the company is managing their waste.
This company of course is not the only one operating illegally. There are many waste management companies in the region which are managing the waste of more than 7,500 industries located in Western Attica, creating a dangerous atmosphere for the residents.

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