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Berlinale Friendly for Greek Productions

berlinaleThere is good news from the Berlin International Film Festival, where it was announced that this year the minimum budget limit of 1 million euros as a prerequisite for film projects seeking international co-productions in order to participate in the Berlinale co-production department (Berlinale Co+Production Market), will not apply to Greek, Portuguese and Spanish films.

“Normally, producers can submit film projects with budgets between 1 and 20 million euros, but the film production in these countries has suffered such a downturn over the last years, that it needs our help in order to get on its feet and maintain its presence in the international market,” the director of the Berlin International Film Festival, Dieter Kosslick, who had the initiative for this measure, stated.

It is a continuation of his contacts, which started in Athens, in September 2012, during the two-day conference Riding the Greek Wave and ended in May 2013, in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival, with the participation of Greek film productions.

“Overall, 36 projects will be selected among participations submitted to the Berlinale Co+Production Market,” the director said, adding that, “Their producers will be gathered from February 9-11, 2014 with potentially interested co-producers, distributors, representatives of broadcasting organizations.”

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