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Heavily Indebted Greek Village in Hungary

A Greek village in Hungary appears to have followed the same financial policies as our country over the past years. The the village of Belloiannisz in Fejér county was founded by Communist Greek refugees who left Greece after the Civil War, and was named after Nikos Beloyannis.

Greek immigrants have been living in the village since 1950. Belloiannisz has become famous all over the Hungarian press, as there is frequent coverage regarding the dramatic economic state of the village’s administration. A recent Hungarian article ironically reports the Greeks have probably brought their traditional Greek “habits” with them, since the municipality is heavily indebted. The debt amounts to approximately 200,000 euros (or 61 million Hungarian forints).

The villagers seem to have followed Greece’s steps in regard to financial administration. No one can deny, however, their cultural contribution combined with the fact that their presence in Hungary has always been discreet and respectful.

The two Greek mayors of the village have been tossing responsibility over the debt to one another.

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