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Vanishing Cyprus – Failed Democracy – Part Two

Failed Democracy – Part Two
“…One needs to take leadership to invent the future of tomorrow…” This is a big order indeed, especially when it comes to Cyprus where long-term vision is in short supply. Within three years, the nation has been politically transformed into an elected autocracy, spear-headed by an unpopular leadership and its dogmatic minority party. This is a classic case of failed democracy operating under “presidential rule” system, alias a Republic!
So, what has gone so badly wrong with the noble idea of a true democracy?
There are a number of reasons that may hold the key to that answer! One of them can be summed up as: complacency and apathy of the many, and corruption of the few in a badly flawed system. Democracy was an illusory ideology from the very start. Its main purpose was not only to ensure control by a select group, but also to camouflage the reality of elite rule. Consequently, oligarchy has remained the unbendable law of nature, largely to an enduring apathy, and division of the masses. Divide and rule has effectively been applied against the people from the cradle of democracy to this day.
On the other hand, the majority of citizens are easily persuaded by cleverly worded slogans and propaganda, while others choose to close their eyes to the truth. Disillusioned, large portions of citizens have also developed a morbid apathy to politics! Essentially, the elusive truth seems not to be as good as an exaggerated lie, because populations are motivated by emotion, and not logic. Under those conditions, the cherished idea of democracy has certainly suffered.
Greece is a classic example of a failed democracy at work, where political chaos and corruption has carved the fate of the nation in stone, marking the beginning of the end. Each day, catastrophic consequences across the nation are leaving people in tears of despair. Only then, people woke up to the truth…but by then, it was all too late; now, there is nothing left for their children! Fortunately for the nation, Greeks are a determined race and never give up; for they will rise up again stronger and much wiser, one hopes!
Plato had a few words to say about democracy: “There can never be good government in democracy as long as the state is governed by men who are morally impoverished and contribute nothing, but hope to snatch some compensation from a political career. Political leaders are not men (or women) of more than average moral integrity, and we shall never trust them too much.”  Those wise words are as appropriate today as they have ever been!
Irrespective of its many imperfections, democracy will continue to grow because it offers the public the “magic words”: hope to citizens, justice for all and equality to the poor! It also provides the opportunity to the ruling class to gain the reins of power and maintain control. Under those enticing terms, everyone is a winner! Consequently, the present “democratic system” will always ensure that an elite minority will always govern the majority and in direct contradiction to the principle of democratic rule.
The Greek city-state of Athens, led by Cleisthenous established the first direct democracy in 507 BCE. Of the estimated 400,000 inhabitants living at the time, only 30-40,000 Athenian citizens were privileged to cast their vote. The principle of “liberty, equality and majority rule” it never really existed in democracy after all. Not only was it a farce, but it was also a clever myth. In a true sense, it was a devious ploy, orchestrated to maintain power and control under the illusory premise that people must control their own destiny! Women, slaves and non-Athenians were excluded from the Athenian democratic process. Only the aristocratic class enjoyed that freedom. It was a noble idea and a better option than all other systems at the time, but democracy was certainly not a panacea for all! All considered democracies today are no different than the Athenian democracy of the past!
Some democracies, however, offer more freedoms than others. With the exception of the “majority rule” principle, there is not a universal blueprint for democracy; it’s all a matter of interpretation! In fact political parties have been revising the democratic principle forever it seems, simply to suit their needs! Citizens have been deliberately misled into believing that, despite its many faults, the party political system is the only effective democratic way of governing the country. This premise is not only wrong but it’s also misleading by implanting false ideas into peoples’ minds that having political parties, is the only way to govern a country under democratic rule.
While every five years, people foolishly seek to overthrow a government in office they are actually replacing it with the same device, camouflaged in fine words, spewed out by politicians and their political parties. Consequently, people have become accustomed to an enduring system, and rarely question the possibility of a change They do not even question what their constitutional statutory rights are, as citizens of the state; instead, they have allowed themselves to become victims of persuasion.
Under those conditions, the government and political parties in Cyprus have systematically failed to inform citizens about those rights; they’d rather keep their public in the dark! The “right to be informed”, is an entrenched constitutional right that solely belongs to all citizens living under democracy, and yet, it’s brushed aside in fear that well-informed citizens may also become wiser and a threat to the status quo. Consequently, there are two strong camps on political fear: when the people fear their government, tyranny grows… but when the government fears the people, then liberty reigns supreme!
It has been demonstrated that, democracy has one powerful asset, and that is: the ability to evolve and change under the will of the people! It is only a matter of time before revolutionary social changes will determine how democratic principles are to be applied in the future. Indicators show that the old ways will be phased out and replaced by a new mindset that would make it possible to introduce radical innovations for a fairer society. Self-serving political parties will no longer be able to determine the fate of the country; only citizens will do that, based on the Rule of Law! In the end, the Law shall Govern and not politicians. A computer literate society will ultimately transform democratic systems, as we know them.
Switzerland, which enjoys Full Democracy, is moving towards that direction and so is Canada and Norway. In Switzerland, citizens regularly use the referendum principle to make crucial constitutional changes and decisions affecting their lives. Electronic voting is also gradually being introduced as a way forward. Canada on the other hand, is probably the first nation to allow online voting nationally. The Online Party of Canada (OPC) will certainly make an impact at the next general elections of that country. Such innovative ideas are what a meaningful democracy it’s all about; having the ability to evolve into a fairer society and develop a better political system free from political dogmas. That can only be good for democracy!
Full Democracy offers hope, faith and trust in humanity! However, when it comes to Cyprus, citizens are not so privileged; far from it!  Unwisely, the government maintains a policy of non-transparency and concealment, as if Cypriots (unlike the Swiss) are not capable to ascertain issues of great importance. Consequently, the nation has a long way to go before it can truly claim, that it functions under full democracy within a transparent liberal society, which treats all citizens as equal.
The constitution for example needs to be revised and improved upon; introduce parliamentary democracy instead of presidential system that fosters autocracy and despotism. The Gas Exploration offers a golden opportunity, to build a new country founded the Rule of Law, like Norway and others countries that enjoy the rewards of full democracy; squander that chance, and Cyprus will never capitalize its potential of becoming a progressive nation to “invent the future of tomorrow!”
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