Europe Italy Honors Haris Alexiou with "Golden Lily" Award

Italy Honors Haris Alexiou with “Golden Lily” Award

The name of Haris Alexiou will now join those of Lech Walesa, Jack Lang, Claudia Cardinale and Roberto Benini, as she is going to be honored with the “Golden Lily” award on the 9th of May. Italy will honor the Greek singer for her music, her contribution to European culture and for her special relationship with Italian music, honoring both her and Greece. Italians call Haris Alexiou “the greatest Greek singer” and the invitation for the award was given to her by the President of the Institute, Alfonso de Virgiliis. Haris Alexiou will be awarded in a special event in Florence, at the historic theatre Teatro della Pergola, which has been there for four centuries. The title of the award is “Una vita per la musica   ̶   Giglio d’oro”. It is should be mentioned that Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, is also going to be awarded, making the award even more important.

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