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Greece Approves New Labor Law as Unions Strike

Greece's parliament is set to approve a contentious new labor law on Wednesday, as trade unions strike for the second time in a week.

Thousands Join Strike Protest in Athens Against Labor Bill

Thousands of demonstrators joined a strike protest in central Athens on Thursday against the new labor bill

Greece Unveils Labor Bill with Emphasis on Working Hours Flexibility

Greece unveiled a new labor bill which the government says it aims to increase competitiveness through more flexible working hours.

OECD Data Shows Greeks are the Hardest Working People in Europe

The idea that Greeks are lazy, laid-back people when it comes to work, has been a prejudice widely spread in northern Europe; and particularly in Germany, as the causes of  Greek recession. However; new data released today from the Organisation...

OECD: Greeks Work More Hours Than All Europeans

Greeks rank fourth worldwide in the number of hours they work, coming after Mexico (2,246 hours per year), Costa Rica (2,230 hours) and South Korea (2,113 hours). The results of the annual study conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation...

Financial Post Reports Greeks are Far From Laziest In EU

Canadian daily Financial Post has published a report shattering the myth of the Greek people being the laziest within the EU. According to the Canadian newspaper, Greece has become a scapegoat for Europe for the past years with politicians, experts...