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Tryfon Reglis Performs “Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes… Love” Monologues

Greek-American actor Tryfon Reglis is one of the cast members performing the "Sex, relationships, and Sometines...Love" monologues at the Complex Theater in Los Angeles. The show was first produced at Show World in Times Square in 2003....

Lisa Panagos: Multi-Talented Artist Evokes Nature

People sometimes take the beauty that surrounds them for granted rather than embracing it and realizing how relevant it is to their very being. Then there are those folks who live their life incorporating that same beauty into their...

“Water” Talks War From a Cypriot’s Perspective

A new play about two soldiers, an American and an Iraqi, that find themselves locked in the same prison will be running until October 17th in Los Angeles. The play is written and directed by Marios Stilianakis, and the...

A Greek play is coming to town

The Hellenic Group Theater announces the production of "Babades Me Roumi" or "Baba-Rum" which will be presented at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble March 15th through March 30th 2008.