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Artichokes: The 3,000-Year-Old Greek Superfood

The artichoke is one of the oldest known Greek superfoods, with many powerful medicinal properties, while it is also used in delicious recipes

Ten Greek Superfoods You Need In Your Diet

Greek cuisine is full of nutrient-rich superfoods.

The Miracle Berry that Fueled Alexander and his Macedonian Army's Conquests

Scientists say that a superfood berry was widely consumed by Alexander the Great and his Macedonian army as they set out to conquer the known world in the 4th century BC. The orange fruit, hippophaes, otherwise known as the sea...

Greek "Golden Black" Producer Gets Great Taste Award

Giorgos Mazos is a 25-year-old who holds the secret to Golden Black, a sort of superfood that has been globally recognized. Golden Black refers to the organic Corinthian raisins that have been dried in shade instead of under the sun,...