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Stephen Miller

Archaeologist Stephen Miller, Father of Nemean Games Revival, Dies

Following five decades of research and excavations, Stephen G. Miller leaves behind a legacy to Greece and the world of the Nemean Games. Professor Miller died on Tuesday following a hemodialysis procedure

American Archaeologist Devotes Life to Reviving Ancient Nemean Games

An American archaeologist has devoted his entire professional life to uncovering ancient Nemea and reviving ancient Greece's Nemean Games.

Greece Shuts Down Ancient Nemea Site Says Archaeologist Who Recovered It

The American archaeologist who masterminded the recovery of the ancient site in Nemea says that because of lack of guards, the site is in effect off limits to visitors for much of the year. In a letter to the Greek...

Stephen Miller: FYROM Is Practicing Virtual History; Macedonia Was and Is Greek

In 1992, following the division of Yugoslavia into five states, southern Serbia (FYROM) adopted the name Macedonia, claiming that its people are descendants of ancient Macedonia. But the claim did not stop there. It extended much further into the...

No State Funding For Archaeological Digs

The glories of the ancient past remain perhaps the greatest source of national pride in Greece. And in the past, the government could support archaeological research and digs. But the debt crisis and subsequent austerity budget has slashed the...

Greek Archaeologists: 'Greek Monuments are not for sale'

A Time magazine article by American archaeologist Stephen Miller concerning the privatization of monuments in Greece, has caused frustration among Greek archaeologists. "The Ministry of Culture does some things very well: it does conservation work extremely well, they are very good...

TIME: 'Privatization Will Save the Treasure of Ancient Greece'

The well-known magazine TIME, conducted  a thorough report on the exploitation of the ancient Greek antiquities and treasures. In particular, the article mentions the way that Greek antiquities can be saved and therefore how this treasure could give a...