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Moody’s Upgrades the Four Largest Greek Banks

The credit agency Moody's upgraded on Monday the long-term deposit ratings of the four biggest Greek banks, and said that the outlook for all of them is positive. The upgrade, "driven by their improving asset quality and solvency and good...

Piraeus Bank Launches Initiative for Restoration of Fire-Hit Areas

Piraeus Bank announced on Tuesday the donation of €1.5 million ($1.8) to support actions for the sustainable restoration of the damages incurred by the recent fires in Greece. In an announcement, Piraeus Bank says it stands by all the households and...

Greece’s Piraeus Bank Optimistic for the Future

One of Greece's largest banks, the Piraeus Bank, issued a statement on Wednesday regarding its performance so far in 2021.

Greece’s Piraeus Bank Sells €7.2 Billion in Non-Performing Exposures

Piraeus Bank announced earlier in the week that it has reached agreement to sell €7.2bn ($8.61bn) worth of non-performing exposures (NPE).

Piraeus Bank Raises $1.66 Billion Though Equity Offering

Piraeus Bank, one of Greece’s four big lenders, raised a total of 1.38 billion euros ($1.66 billion) through the capital increase process.

Piraeus Bank Expects to Raise $1.66 Billion Though Equity Offering

Piraeus Bank, one of Greece's four big lenders, expects to raise 1.38 billion euros ($1.66 billion) through the capital increase process

Piraeus Bank Secures Support for Capital Increase

Piraeus Bank, Greece’s second-largest financial institution has secured strong support from investors during the capital increase process .

Piraeus Bank Funds Purchase of Buses in Athens, Thessaloniki

The Piraeus Bank Group announced on Tuesday that it will fund the purchase of buses for the regions of Attica and Thessaloniki. Alongside Piraeus Leasing, the bank said it will pay for the purchase of 200 buses to be used...

Piraeus Bank at the Forefront of UN's Responsible Banking Initiative

One year since Piraeus Bank joined a coalition of hundreds of banks worldwide for sustainable development, CEO Christos Megalou highlighted on Tuesday the Bank's contribution during a virtual panel organized by United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). Piraeus...

Piraeus Bank Sponsors Program for 200th Anniversary of Greek War of Independence

An agreement to promote Piraeus Bank's Anniversary Action Program to diaspora Greeks and Greeks living abroad for the national celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence of 1821, was signed between the General Secretariat of...