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How Ancient Greeks Set Humanity on the Path to Space Exploration

While civilized society was just learning to use the wheel on earth, ancient Greeks were aiming at celestial space and the stars.

Scientists Grow Food Using Soil from Moon

Food has been grown in soil collected from the Moon for the first time, paving the way for human colonization of the solar system. Scientists from the University of Florida have cultivated cress in dirt, or regolith, that had been...

Four Amazing Astronomical Discoveries from Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek scientists and mathematicians in ancient Greece made some of the most significant astronomical discoveries centuries ago.

Jupiter’s Moon Europa May Be Hiding Alien Life

A new study exploring the icy shell of Europa, one of Jupiter’s largest moons, finds the frigid satellite shares striking similarities with Greenland. Evidence of the shallow pools—not far beneath the frozen surface of Europa—emerged when scientists noticed that giant...

Abandoned Rocket Crashes Into the Moon

A discarded part of a rocket crashed into the Moon's far side just after noon, scientists say. They were expecting the impact to occur at 12:25 GMT on Friday. The rocket segment, which weighs three tons, had been tracked for...

Russia and China to Build Base on Moon by 2035

Russia and China are joining forces to build a research base on the Moon, called the International Lunar Research Station, by the year 2035. The research station will rival NASA's Lunar Gateway, a small space station that will orbit the...

Mysterious “Hut” Appears on the Far Side of the Moon

The Chinese National Space Agency is investigating what it calls a "mysterious hut" discovered on the moon by their "Yutu 2" rover in October. The CNSA's outreach program Our Space posted an image of the rover to Weixin for the...

Scientists Say Moon “Wobble” Will Cause More Flooding

A recent scientific study found that changes to the moon's orbit would result in more frequent flooding incidents of coastal areas in the US.

Partial Solar Eclipse Appears in North American Skies

It wasn't quite as dramatic as the 2017 event but the partial solar eclipse that occurred early on June 10 was spectacular in its own way.

Greek School First in the World to Send Material to the Moon

A Greek school in Athens is the the first in the world to send material -- including texts, images and personal testimonies -- to the moon, through an upcoming space mission by the company SpaceX. The Moraitis School announced the launch of...