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LEGO Celebrates Greek Bicentennial With Historical Figures

To celebrate Greek Bicentennial, Liam Jensen created LEGOS of three figures from the revolution - Kolokotronis, Mavrokordatos and Lord Byron.

Homer's Odyssey And Iliad in LEGO

It is not only the Greeks that have been taught and are aware of  Homer’s works. The famous epics of the ancient Greek poet are part of the international cultural heritage. The Virtual LEGO Users Group, a group of adult fans...

Young Greek 2013 Google Science Fair Finalist

Charalampos Ioannou, an 18-year-old Greek, has developed an exoskeleton glove, thanks to which he is a finalist in 2013 Google Science Fair (GSF 2013). Inspired by his grandmother, he developed this exoskeleton glove, which helps people with disabilities that limit...