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King Charles III

The Queen’s Funeral: Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch Laid to Rest

Queen Elizabeth II's funeral is being held on Monday at London’s Westminster Abbey, the building in which she was crowned Queen and later married. Together with the royal family, many close friends and Heads of State such as President Biden,...

St. Edward’s Crown to Be Worn Again at King Charles III’s Coronation

St. Edward’s crown, a centuries-old and priceless relic, will once again be worn at the coronation of King Charles III of England due to take place a few months from now. During this ancient ritual, dating back nearly one thousand...

Charles III Proclaimed King in Historic Ceremony

Charles III was formally proclaimed king of Great Britain at a historic ceremony at St James's Palace on Saturday morning.

God Save the King—Brits to Sing a Different National Anthem

The British, most of whom have lived under only one monarch, are ready to brace for new changes including singing a different national anthem, ‘God save the...King,’ after the repose of Queen Elizabeth II. Being the most well-known national anthem...