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Canadian Woman First Person to be Diagnosed With “Climate Change”

A Canadian woman was diagnosed with 'climate change' on Monday after suffering intense symptoms following a record-setting heatwave. Dr. Kyle Meritt of British Columbia felt that using the term -- which is often reserved for describing humans' effect on the planet--...

Extreme Weather Phenomena in Greece “Become More Intense”

Greece has seen extreme weather phenomena for the past 30 to 40 years, but their duration and intensity was nothing like what we are seeing today as part of climate change, weather expert and emeritus professor at the University...

Limni Resident Describes Hours of Greek Inferno as Evia Fire Rages

The devastating fires on Evia have caused unfathomable destruction and pain to thousands of people in tens of villages and towns.

Evia Fire Reached the Town of Limni, Thousands Evacuated by Sea

The devastating fires on the island of Evia continued their destructive path on Friday night and onto Saturday.

More Villages Evacuated on Evia Island as Fire Continues to Burn

The fire on Evia (Euboea) island continued to burn on Thursday, making residents in the village of Kehries evacuate their properties.

Greece on Fire: Wildfires Ravage Country on Multiple Fronts

The fire fronts of Ancient Olympia and Evia that broke out on Wednesday and Tuesday respectively continue to cause extensive damage to Greece.

Evia Fire Still Burning Uncontrolled on the Island

The large fire that broke out on Tuesday afternoon on the island of Evia, northeast of Athens is still burning uncontrollably.

Fires in Greece Leave Ruins and Devastation Behind

Tuesday was one of the worst days of this summer in terms of fires in Greece, with Varympompi and Evia island being affected the most.

Greece Fires: Massive Blaze Threatens Suburb of Varympompi, Homes Burned

A large fire has broken out on Tuesday afternoon in Varympompi, a northern suburb of Athens.

Greece Records Highest Temperature in Its History in Unprecedented Heatwave

The heatwave that has been gripping Greece since last week broke the country's highest-ever temperature on Monday afternoon.