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Border Crisis Heightens for Biden as Thousands Camp Under Bridge

Over 10,000 migrants trying to make their way into the United States are now camped under the Del Rio, Texas bridge separating Mexico and the United States in the latest border crisis, with thousands more apparently on the way...

Greece Bolsters Humanitarian Aid to Haiti After Devastating Earthquake

Greece has earmarked an additional 100,000 euros to bolster its humanitarian aid to Haiti in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake, the Foreign Ministry said in an announcement on Tuesday. The money will go toward the increased needs arising...

Death Toll from Massive Earthquake in Haiti Rises to 1,300

Almost 1,300 people are confirmed dead after the massive earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday. Thousands of houses have been destroyed.

Haiti: The First Country to Recognize Greece’s Independence

Haiti, although located just over 9,000 km (5,592 miles) away from Greece, was the first country in the world to recognize Greek independence from the Ottomans in 1822. The country's dedication to freedom and its commitment to fighting oppression is...

President of Haiti Assassinated at Private Residence

The President of Haiti Jovenel Moise has been assassinated in an attack on his home in the nation's capital on Wednesday.

The Moving Tribute of Haiti to Greece for Greek Independence Day

As Greece celebrated March 25, the Consul General of Haiti in Boston made a moving speech on the close bonds between the two countries.

Greece to Honor Haiti in FM’s Visit

Greece will honor Haiti for being the first nation in the world to recognize Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821.