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Global Initiative Launched to Replant Ancient Olympia’s Olive Trees

A new global initiative was recently launched to help restore the birthplace of the Olympic Games at Ancient Olympia, where 450,000 olive trees were destroyed by the catastrophic fires of last summer. By Stacy Dimakakos Last summer Greece experienced one of the...

New Fires Break Out in Greece, Arcadia Remains on High Alert

The fires in the broader area of Arcadia in southern Greece continued their destructive path on Wednesday night and onto Thursday morning.

Greece Fires: Evia, Arcadia Continue to Battle Huge Blazes

The fires that have been burning in various parts of Greece have continued their destructive path for the ninth consecutive day.

Diaspora Rushes to Help Greece During Worst Fires in Modern History

The Greek diaspora, always ready to help the motherland in an emergency, is now pitching in to help in the Greece fire recovery efforts.

Greek Prosecutor Calls for Investigation into Organized Arson Plot

The prosecutor of Greece's Supreme Court, called for an investigation into a possible organized arson plot after fires ravaged the nation.

Fire-fighting Plane Crashes in Greece, Pilot Found Safe

A fire-fighting plane crashed in Greece while battling a blaze on the Ionian Sea island of Zakynthos on Sunday. The pilot was rescued from the crash by firefighters at the scene and is in good condition. The plane was sent...

Tragic Stories of Those Who Lost Everything in Evia Fire

As the ash settles over Evia, residents pore over the charred remains of their lives before the fire razed through the island.

New Fire Erupts Near Athens as Blazes Rage on in Ilia, Evia

New fires have rekindled in Varympompi, north of Athens, on three fronts. The ominous developments occur just one day after the previous fire.

Evia Fire Relief Fund: How You Can Help

Fires that burn across the island of Evia have displaced hundreds; please help the fire victims on Evia by contributing to our GoFundMe page.

“Human Dam” of Firefighters Hold Back Fire on Greece’s Evia Island

Residents and tourists in Rovia were told to head to the sea as a "human dam" of firefighters attempted to hold back the fire on Evia Island.