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Greek Easter lamb

Special Greek Fricassee Recipe for Easter Holidays

In every corner of the Greek peninsula, and on practically every table, during the Easter holidays you will find the wonderful fricassee dish. Is a traditional recipe in many kitchens of Europe, but significantly made its way into the...

Greek Orthodox Easter: Everything You Need to Know

Greek Orthodox Easter, or Pascha, is the most important religious feast of the year, with customs and traditions that have been part of Christianity for two thousand years. The 40-day period of Lent before Easter (Πάσχα-Pascha), the solemnity of Holy...

The Greek Island Where Easter Lamb Is Not Spit-Roasted

There is one little place in Greece where the traditional Easter lamb is cooked very differently than it is across the country.

This Gadget Will Roast Your Easter Lamb By Using Only Your Brain (Seriously!)

A team of Greek students developed a gadget that will roast your Easter lamb just by using your brain while a computer software translates brain activity into data! Last year this very same team had invented what we thought was the...