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Vienna’s “Little Greece” and the First Newspaper in Greek

If we are to consider meaningful communities for Hellenism, Vienna should surely be on the short list with its little Greece.

Astoria: The Ever-Changing Greektown of New York

Astoria was the place to be for Greeks who moved from their homeland to the United States around the turn of the last century.

The Greek Pioneers Who Dug the Suez Canal

Greece has been connected to the Suez Canal since it was first envisioned as a pie-in-the-sky project in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Greek Diaspora Around the World

From ancient times to the modern day, Greeks of the diaspora have enriched the international community in across many fields.

Greeks in Panama: A Small But Thriving Community in Latin America

Greeks are indeed everywhere, even in the tiny Central American nation of Panama where a small Greek community has made great positive impact.

Melbourne’s Oldest Greek Orthodox Church to Reopen Before Christmas

The renovated Holy Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady, or Evangelismos tis Theotokou, is preparing to open its doors to the faithful before Christmas for the first time after a disastrous fire in 2016. The fire blazed through much...

Greek Community Rallies to Support Greek Immigrants During Pandemic

The Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) has been focusing over the past few weeks on developing a coordinated response to assist Greek citizens who do not yet have Australian citizenship and might face problems during this difficult time of...

Greeks in Libya Call for Help as Civil War Intenifies

The small Greek community in Libya appealed on Saturday to the Greek government to take measures to protect them as the civil war in the country escalates. A new offensive launched by forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar, who controls...

Queensland Library to Virtually Revive Early 20th Century Greek Cafes

With a series of workshops, exhibitions and events, the State Library of Queensland aims to revive the atmosphere of the old cafes, restaurants and small businesses that were owned by Greeks in the early 20th century. These iconic meeting places...

Scions of Greek Community Meet Immigration Minister to Discuss Issues of Interest

Bill Stergiadis and Costas Markos, who serve as the president and secretary of the Greek Community of Melbourne, recently had an official meeting with Australia's Federal Minister of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, David Coleman. The agenda of the meeting included various issues...