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Most Influential Contemporary Greek-American Authors

Greek-American authors write about topics far and wide, but there is almost always a special nod to Greece that can be felt in their words.

AHEPA Celebrates 100 Years Since it was Founded in Atlanta, Georgia

On July 26, 1922, AHEPA (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association) was founded by eight visionary Greek immigrants in Atlanta, Georgia. The Greek immigrants came together in a fraternal bond to form the Order of AHEPA to combat discrimination, bigotry, and...

10 Celebrities You’d Never Guess are of Greek Descent

There are many celebrities that have Greek names and speak of their Greek heritage all of the time. However, there are also a bunch of famous people who are of Greek descent that might surprise you! Let's take a look...

Time For the Greek Diaspora to Talk to Each Other

Most of the time when I talk to other Diaspora Greeks, it is in Greece itself. We all talk via Greece but not amongst ourselves. This is a mistake, says the Greek-American writer, author, lawyer, and university lecturer, Alexander...

How Many Greeks are There Around the World

The Greek diaspora, or the number of people with Greek ancestry living outside of the country, is one of the most widespread and largest in the world. Since ancient times, Greeks have traveled the world, making the their homes in...

Constantinopolitans Keep Memories of the Byzantine Capital Alive

The Hellenic Society of Constantinopolitans is keeping the culture and traditions of the Greeks from the city of Constantinople alive.

Memorial Day: Xiarhos, a Gold Star Father, Tells Greek-American Fallen Hero’s Story

Steven G. Xiarhos, a Greek-American politician and retired law enforcement officer, has a sad and personal story to tell on Memorial Day.

The Greek Diaspora Around the World

From ancient times to the modern day, Greeks of the diaspora have enriched the international community in across many fields.

The Tragic Story of the Four Greeks Who Perished on the Titanic

The tale of the four Greek men who died on the Titanic is not often told, but it is one of the many tragic stories about the ill-fated ship.

Biden Issues Greek Independence Day Proclamation

US President Joe Biden issued a Greek Independence Day proclamation hours ahead of March 25th, honoring the "countries' deep and historic bond." Biden makes a special reference to the estimated 3 million Americans of Greek descent. "Throughout my career, I...