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Nea Hellas: The Ship That Brought Thousands of Greeks to the US

The historic passenger ship Nea Hellas brought tens of thousands of Greeks to America, enabling them to fulfill their dreams of a better life. Between the years 1939 to 1955, this steamship was the main escape route by which...

More US Investments Coming To Greece, US Ambassador Says

US Ambassador to Greece, George Tsunis, said on Friday that more investments are coming to Greece from the US in 2023. 

30 US Universities to Explore Academic Cooperation in Greece

A delegation of 30 US universities will arrive in Greece to explore the potential of new collaborations with the Greek public universities.

Greece to Sign Mutual Defense Agreement with US

After the defense agreement with France inked just weeks ago, Greece is getting ready to sign an amendment to its defense deal with the US at the end of this week. It will mark the renewal of the Mutual...