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German occupation

The Day Athens Was Liberated from Nazi Occupation

It was a sunny autumn day when the bells in the churches of Athens began ringing joyously and the citizens rushed out on the streets, many of them waving the Greek flag in celebration. Everyone knew why. The bells...

The ‘Viannos Holocaust’ in Crete Still Haunts Greece

The Viannos massacre, known as the “Viannos Holocaust,” was a mass extermination campaign launched by Nazi forces against the civilian residents of around 20 villages located in the areas of east Viannos and west Ierapetra provinces on the Greek...

Father Dimitrios: The Orthodox Monk Who was a British Spy

The story of Father Dimitrios, the monk who turned out to be a spy for the British Intelligence Service in pre-World War II Greece

Greek Antiquities Removed by Occupying Germany, US Archives Reveal

A document in the US National Archives reveals the damage caused to Greek antiquities during Germany's occupation of the country 1941-1944.

Greece Remembers the Cold-Blooded Nazi Massacre at Distomo

The massacre at Distomo remains to this day one of the most heinous crimes the Nazis committed against innocent women and children

Crete Remembers the Razing of Kandanos by the Nazis on June 3, 1941

June 3, 1941 was the day the village of Kandanos in Crete was burned to the ground and all its 180 residents were massacred by Nazi troops.

The Day Two Teenage Greeks Took Down the Nazi Flag from the Acropolis

On the morning of May 30, 1941, two young Greeks, Manolis Glezos and Lakis Santas climbed on Acropolis and took down the Nazi flag.

Stylianos Kyriakides: The Legendary Marathon Man Who Ran for Greece

Stylianos (Stelios) Kyriakides is a Greek legend for all Marathon runners, although he is best known for winning first place in the Boston Marathon in 1946.

Author Reexamines Greek Famine During Years of Nazi Occupation

Just one week before the great national holiday of OXI Day, when the nation of Greece proudly commemorates its leader declaring a clear "No!" to the forces of fascism, it is timely to take another look at life under...

Kastellorizo: The First Greek Land Liberated from the Nazis

On September 13, 1943, a Greek destroyer sailed in all its glory to the small port of Kastellorizo, the south-easternmost island of Greece, marking the beginning of the end of the German occupation of Greece. The sight of the Greek...