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German occupation

The German Massacre at Viannos, Crete Still Haunts Greece

The Viannos massacre, known as the “Viannos Holocaust,” was a mass extermination campaign launched by Nazi forces against the civilian residents of around twenty villages located in the areas of east Viannos and west Ierapetra provinces on the Greek...

Father Dimitrios: The Orthodox Monk Who Was a British Spy

The story of Father Dimitrios, the monk who turned out to be a spy for the British Intelligence Service in pre-World War II Greece

Greece Remembers the Cold-Blooded Nazi Massacre at Distomo

The massacre at Distomo remains to this day one of the most heinous crimes the Nazis committed against innocent women and children

Crete Remembers the Razing of Kandanos by the Nazis

June 3, 1941 was the day the village of Kandanos in Crete was burned to the ground and all its 180 residents were massacred by Nazi troops.

The Day Two Greek Teenagers Took Down the Nazi Flag from the Acropolis

On the morning of May 30, 1941, two young Greeks, Manolis Glezos and Lakis Santas climbed on Acropolis and took down the Nazi flag.

April 27, 1941: The Day When German Troops Stormed Athens

It was on Sunday, April 27, 1941, when German troops entered Athens. The capital's residents remained stubbornly locked up in their homes. The hoisting of the Nazi swastika flag on the Acropolis marked the beginning of the German Occupation. Soon,...

Kalavryta: The Bloodiest Nazi Massacre in Greece

December 13, 1943 marks the date of the worst massacre committed in Greece by the Nazis occupying the country, as more than five hundred innocent civilians were executed, and the entire town of Kalavryta was burned to the ground. The...

Gorgopotamos: The Greatest Moment of Greek Resistance to the Nazis

The blowing up of the Gorgopotamos bridge on November 25, 1942 stands as the greatest moment of Greece's resistance during World War II.

Ex-German Soldier Helps Restore Monastery in Greece Destroyed by Nazis

A letter sent by a former German soldier helped spur the restoration of Agios Dionysios Monastery on Mount Olympus which had been destroyed by the Nazis during WWII. It was one day in 1996 when prior Maximos of the New...

The Greek Famine During the Nazi Occupation

The Greek famine during the three and a half years of Nazi occupation killed at least two hundred thousand and perhaps as many as three hundred thousand people. The local population suffered greatly during 1941 to 1944 while the Axis...