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Greek Navy to Acquire Four New Frigates from United States

According to a report from Seapower Magazine on May 18, the Greek Navy is under discussions with the US on the acquisition of four frigates.

Five NATO Allies Battle It Out to Sell Frigates to Greece

Greece is a battleground for competing NATO allies who have rushed to sell new frigates and capitalize on the country's defense program

US Offers Frigate Co-Production Deal with Greece

The United States has proposed that Greece purchase four American-made frigates, offering in return the co-production of three vessels in the country, Defense News reports. The leading defense publication says that should Greece decide to buy frigates from the United...

Greece to Buy 18 Rafale Fighters, Four New Frigates to Boost Defense

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Saturday that Greece will buy 18 new Rafale aircraft and four frigates to address the defense needs of the country. The Greek premier, speaking in Thessaloniki, said that the defense of the country will...

Greece to 'Lease Two French Frigates'

Greece is to lease two French frigates by August to boost its defensive capabilities in the Aegean, according to Greek media reports. The acquisition of the FREMM-type vessels was confirmed after letters were exchanged between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and...

Eleven Face Charges Over 2003 S-frigate Contract; Former Minister Under Scrutiny

Greek Corruption Prosecutor Eleni Raikou on Tuesday ordered the prosecution of 11 individuals for criminal breach of faith in connection with a contract for the refurbishment of six S-type Navy frigates. She also ordered that a copy of the...