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EU Court Likely to Rule Against Denmark in Feta Cheese Case

An advisor of the top European court announced that Denmark violated European Union law in a dispute with Greece over feta cheese on Thursday. Advocate General Tamara Capeta of the Court of Justice of the European Union stated that  Denmark...

New Orzotto Recipe from Chef Giorgio Pintzas Monzani

Orzotto with tomato sauce, ouzo, shellfish, and feta mousse is a great new recipe from a Greek- Italian chef based in Milan, Italy. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani It's time to step up your Greek-food game with this super tasty version of...

Scientists Decode DNA of Greek Feta Cheese

According to the Academy of Athens, scientists have now successfully decoded the DNA of the famous Greek Feta cheese. Scientists from the Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens studied a wide variety of feta cheese produced all across the...

Feta vs. Halloumi: Battle of the Greek Cheeses

Halloumi and Feta may just be the most iconic food products from their respective countries of origin, Cyprus and Greece.

Savory Christmas Choux Recipe from Greek Chef Giorgio Pintzas Monzani

Give a Mediterranean and Greek twist to your appetizers or your Christmas cocktail evening with savory Christmas choux this year. By Giorgio Pintzas Monzani Savory puffs of choux pastry with leek and pumpkin filling, along with feta cheese, will add just...

There’s More to Greek Cheese Than Just Feta

Cheese is an important part of Greek cuisine, and each region of the country has its own special version of the dairy product. While feta is delicious, there are many more Greek cheeses to try! The first known mention of...

The Food Artist Whose Viral Recipe Caused Shortage of Greek Feta Cheese

The Finnish food artist behind the mouthwatering baked feta pasta recipe that has gone viral on social media worldwide.

There’s More to Greek Cheese Than Just Feta

The first known mention of cheese in ancient Greece was in the epic poem the "Odyssey," when Homer describes the cheese in the Cyclops' cave.

The Greek Who Taught the Japanese to Eat Feta Cheese and Olive Oil

Pioneering businessman Thanasis Fragkis was the very first person to introduce olive oil and other traditional Greek products to Japan.

Feta Pasta TikTok Video Recipe Goes Viral World-Wide

Feta, Greece's most famous cheese, has become viral world-wide thanks to a food blogger who recently created an easy and tasty recipe of feta with pasta.