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Extreme Rainfall

Heavy Rain in New York City Causes Life-Threatening Flooding

Unprecedented rain in New York City on Friday, September 29, led to a major problem: too much rainwater for the city's sewer system to handle. This caused serious flooding in the streets, basements, schools, subways, and even cars in...

Stormy Weather Leaves Two Dead, Floods Streets In Greece

Stormy weather affecting Greece caused severe floods in Thessaloniki and left two dead, on Lefkada and Mount Olympus.

Greece Exits Longest Unseasonally Rainy Weather Since 1975

Greece exits the longest unseasonally rainy weather the country has experienced since 1975, meteorologists said on Sunday. 

"Eurydice" Flood the Third Worst in Attica History, Experts Say

The flash flood caused by Eurydice storm that devastated west Attica, with 16 confirmed dead so far, was the third worst flooding disaster recorded in Attica; in terms of the number of victims, experts say. According to Dr. Kostas Lagouvardos...

Western Greece Ravaged by Floods, Evros Region on Red Alert

Heavy rainfall has caused major damages in western Greece, while the Evros region is on red alert because of flooded rivers. Other areas in Greece also suffered from the continuous downpour. Roads, bridges, houses and crops were destroyed by floods, while villages...

Man Found Dead in Northern Greece After 13 Days

The body of a man who disappeared on December 4, 2014, was found in the Egnatia area of Evros river in northern Greece. The 49-year-old police officer had gone on a fishing trip 13 days ago but the heavy rainfall...