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Evia fires

Number of Forest Fires in Greece Rises Dramatically in 2022

There has already been a marked increase in the number of forest fires in Greece in the first three months of 2022, the National Observatory of Athens released on Thursday. The worrying figure indicates that the country may face even...

Photo of Woman From Evia Among TIME’s Best Photos of 2021

A moving photo of an elderly lady taken during the fires that devastated the island of Evia, Greece was chosen on Wednesday as one of the four Best Photos of 2021 by TIME magazine. Taken by Konstantinos Tsakalidis of the SOOC...

Reforestation: How to Turn the Greek Landscape Green After Fires

With every devastating fire in Greece, reforestation becomes the second most crucial issue after state assistance to those affected. Former West Attica Forest director Dimitris Spathis offered his ideas about reforestation exclusively to Greek Reporter in an interview. Last August, the government...

Greek Firefighter on Evia Saved Neighbors’ Homes While His Own Burned

The Evia fires of August 2021 produced mayhem, misery and devastation, but they also brought forth some extraordinary firefighting stories and tales of true heroism. Among the many heroic acts by firemen, volunteers and locals helping put out the...

Greek PM Speaks on Fires and Impact of Climate Change on Greece

Greece's PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke at a press conference about the impact that climate change has had on the country's wildfires.

Prime Minister Apologizes for Greece’s Failures in Battling Fires

Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis apologizes “for any weaknesses” in the country's efforts to contain and stop the recent wildfires.

Greek Prosecutor Calls for Investigation into Organized Arson Plot

The prosecutor of Greece's Supreme Court, called for an investigation into a possible organized arson plot after fires ravaged the nation.

Evia Fire Relief Fund: How You Can Help

Fires that burn across the island of Evia have displaced hundreds; please help the fire victims on Evia by contributing to our GoFundMe page.

The Countries that Have Sent Firefighting Help to Greece

Cyprus and Sweden have sent firefighting help to Greece in order to aid in get the massive fires raging across the country under control.