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Inflation in Greece Hits Double Digits at 10.2 Percent

Greece's annual consumer inflation jumped to its highest level in 28 years in April at 10.2 percent on the back of surging costs for energy, housing, transportation and foods, official data showed on Tuesday. The increase of inflation by 2.1...

Greek Population Decreased by 39,933 in 2021

Population in Greece decreased by 39,933 in one year as the number of deaths was higher than the number of births, according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT

Greek Population Has Declined by Up to Half a Million in a Decade

The census taking place in a few weeks will show that the Greek population of the country will be up to half a million fewer than at the time of the last census, conducted in 2011. These are the showings...

Greece’s Economy Soars 16.4% Year-to-Year in Second Quarter

Greece’s economy performed much better than expected in the second quarter of the year, with gross domestic product rising by 3.4 percent against the first three months of 2021 and jumping 16.4 percent from April-June 2020, provisional data published...

Unemployment Rises in Greece, Particularly Amongst Young People

Unemployment increased in Greece over the past year reaching 46.8 percent in young people under 25, according to a report released last Wednesday.

Greek Economy “Shows Resilience”; Contraction in 2020 Less than Expected

The Greek economy is in a better shape than it was feared according to official data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority on Friday.

Greece’s Population Declined Slightly in 2020

The population of Greece faced a slight decline in 2020, according to data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).

Greek Economy Contracts a Record 15.2% in Second Quarter of 2020

The Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) announced on Thursday that the Greek economy  contracted by 15.2% in the second quarter of 2020, a record which even surpasses the recession during the peak of the economic crisis in the years 2011-12. ELSTAT...

Greek Unemployment Rate Falls to New Record-Low Levels

The Greek unemployment rate fell to 16.5 percent of the workforce in November of 2019, the latest month for which official data is available. The unemployment rate during the same month in 2018 was 18.6 percent, dropping to 16.6 percent in...

Data Shows More Tourists Came to Greece in 2019 But Stayed for Fewer Days

The Hellenic (Greek) Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) published new data on Friday regarding the number of tourists who visited Greece between January and September of 2019, revealing some interesting information about this year's tourism trends. In particular, ELSTAT's data for the...