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Cultivation of Cannabis was Legal in Greece Until 1936

The cultivation of cannabis in Greece for pharmaceutical purposes is now legal, as it was legal until 1936, the year it was prohibited

Cities Around the Globe Founded by Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great , who lived from July 356 BC to 10/11 June, 323 BC, was an intrepid conqueror and a brilliant military general.

Cavafy: The Greek Poet Master at Saying a Lot with Very Little

Greek poet Konstantinos Kavafis brought an international aura to modern Greek poetry, by being a master at saying a lot with very little.

The Greeks of Cairo: The Fascinating Bond Between Greece and Egypt

The small, but vibrant, community of Greeks, with roots deep in history, remains in the Egyptian capital of Cairo to this day.

Greece Joins Egypt, UAE, France and Cyprus for Military Drills in the Med

Greek military forces joined forces from Egypt and Cyprus on Tuesday for a naval and aerial drill that will last for several days in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Egypt. The forces participating in the “Medusa 10” exercise...

Five-Nation Military Exercise in East Mediterranean Sends Message to Ankara

The Naval forces of Greece and Cyprus will join those of Egypt, France, and the United Arab Emirates in conducting a large-scale sea and air exercise off the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria, Egypt starting Monday, November 30. The joint exercise...

Archaeologists Uncover 100 Mummies in Burial Site of Saqqara in Egypt

During a news conference on Saturday, Egyptian antiquities officials announced stunning new finds at the burial site of Saqqara, south of Cairo, the country's capital. In what many consider one of the most important finds in recent memory, archaeologists...

Egyptian President Meets With Greek PM and President, Lauds New Ties

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with his Egyptian counterpart, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Wednesday in Athens in a further show of the increasingly cordial relations between the two Mediterranean countries. After the meeting, the Greek leader stated "Trilateral...

Egypt Warns Greece of the Threat Posed by Erdogan's Islamic Terrorists

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis last week that Turkey may dispatch jihadists to Greece to destabilize the country, a report in the Greek daily Ta Nea reveals. According to the report, Cairo's concern was expressed...

Greek Community in Egypt Honors Historic Battle of El Alamein

The Greek community in Egypt honored the 78th Anniversary of the Second Battle of El Alamein on Friday. Following anti-virus guidelines, religious, cultural, and military leaders of both the Greek and Egyptian communities honored those who lost their lives during...