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Egyptian Shipwreck Proves Ancient Greek Historian Herodotus Right

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Egyptian shipwreck which proves the Greek Historian Herodotus was correct about the observations he made about Egyptian vessels nearly 25 centuries ago. The shipwreck, discovered in the Nile River near the ancient, and now sunken,...

2000 Year Old Fetus Found Inside Egyptian Mummy

A 2000-year-old fetus was discovered in the belly of an Egyptian mummy by Polish reseachers recently, the first time in history that such a find has ever been recorded. The Warsaw Mummy Project, headed by bio-archeologist Marzena Ożarek-Szilke from the...

Tomb with Greek Mummy Unearthed in Aswan, Egypt

A Greco-Roman-era tomb with a Greek mummy was unearthed recently in Aswan, Egypt, archaeologists announced this week. And in an extremely unusual discovery, the archaeologists found a copper plaque with the man's name -- Nikostratos -- near his body. The...

The Greeks of Cairo: The Fascinating Bond Between Greece and Egypt

The small, but vibrant, community of Greeks, with roots deep in history, remains in the Egyptian capital of Cairo to this day.

Historic St. Catherine’s Monastery on Mount Sinai

Saint Catherine's Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai in the town of Saint Catherine, Egypt is one of the most important Christian monasteries in the world

The Greek Pioneers Who Dug the Suez Canal

Greece has been connected to the Suez Canal since it was first envisioned as a pie-in-the-sky project in the mid-nineteenth century.

Egypt Unveils “Avenue of the Sphinxes” with Spectacular Display

Egypt unveiled on Thursday the renovated "Avenue of the Sphinxes" with a spectacular display aimed at highlighting the country’s archaeological treasures. The avenue at the ancient city of Thebes, now renamed Luxor, is nearly two miles long and about 250...

Undersea Eastern Port of Alexandria Reveals 2,000-Year-Old Secrets

Franck Goddio, the marine archaeologist who discovered the underwater city of eastern Alexandria and Heracleion, Egypt, will hold a presentation in December highlighting many of the discoveries he has made in the last 25 years. The talk, which will be...

Egyptian Body Shows Mummification 1,000 Years Older than Thought

New evidence shows that the mummy of an Egyptian nobleman is 1,000 years older than originally thought, proving that the science behind mummification is much older than previously believed. The advanced embalming processes used in the preservation of the body...

Alexander the Great’s Tomb: All the Claims in One of History’s Greatest Mysteries

For over 2,300 years, researchers and historians are trying to find the Alexander the Great Tomb, something that remains one of the world's greatest mysteries