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April 21st 1967

April 21, 1967: Military Junta Places Greece in Shackles

On April 21st, 1967, Greece woke up with a military junta taking over power and putting the country in shackles for seven years

The Botched Rolling Stones Show in Athens 4 Days Before the April 21, 1967 Coup

The Rolling Stones concert in Athens four days before the April 21st, 1967 coup became the stuff of legend, as only five songs into the set police stormed the stage and stopped the show. It was April 17 and at...

Pavlopoulos: Our National Obligation for the Defense of Democracy Is More Imperative Today Than Ever

Our national obligation for the defense of Democracy is today more imperative than ever because of the insidious powers striving to break down the democratic institutions culminating in the Nazi remnants, that wake up the nightmares of World War...

President Pavlopoulos Notes 'Tragic Experience' of the April 21, 1967 Coup

The April 21, 1967 coup that abolished democracy in Greece is a tragic experience that teaches all people to rigorously defend human rights, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Wednesday in a message to mark 49 years since the...