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Cyprus Toddler Refused Organ Transplant Due to Unvaccinated Parents

A Cyprus toddler is being refused a life-saving organ transplant in Germany due to the fact that his parents are unvaccinated. Due to be transported by air ambulance to Germany for the procedure, the three year old has now been...

Greek Anti-Vaxxer Assaults, Sues School Principal

A 37-year old anti-vaxxer father in a Thessaloniki suburb assaulted his son's female school principal on Tuesday for asking for the unvaccinated child's self test results before allowing him to enter school premises. Ioannis Sarigiannidis, who is a Covid denier,...

Unvaccinated People 11 Times More Likely to Die from Covid-19

Reinforcing the need to vaccinate as the Delta variant of the coronavirus marches across the globe, several studies undertaken the the US' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that those who are unvaccinated are 11 times more likely...

Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Anti-Vaccine Protest in Greece

Police in Greece used tear gas and water cannons to disperse a demonstration of anti-vaxxers in central Athens on Wednesday.

Vaccine Centers Vandalized in France, Thousands March Across Country

Two vaccine centers were vandalized in France over the weekend while hordes marched in cities protesting new coronavirus measures.

Protestors Against Mandatory Vaccination Ransack Cyprus TV Station

A demo against mandatory vaccination in Cyprus dissolved into a riot on Sunday, as protestors trashed the offices of a TV station.